Food production systems are extensively automated and the result is more efficient and faster food production than ever. However, with this increase in speed comes the burden of maintaining control systems. Whether you have inherited the equipment or are installing new equipment, cost savings, maximizing human capital, and increasing capacity are critical to your success.

Regardless of the reason, the experienced professionals at Engineering Specialists partner with your team to assess your current situation. Once the analysis phase is complete, we will provide you with a range of solutions and an associated cost benefit analysis. Our experienced professionals will work along side your team and guide them through the entire project.

The control systems integrated on the projects listed below utilized various major control platforms, including PLCs, PCs, Drives, and HMIs. We also utilized custom applications and PC-based SCADA systems for supervision and data acquisition. In most cases, we were responsible for the design, assembly, certification (if needed), programming, installation, and start-up of these control systems.


  • Blanching Systems
  • Brine Systems
  • Clarifier Control
  • Various CIP Systems
  • Cooking Systems
  • Conveyor Systems
  • Cup Water System
  • De-Alcholization Systems
  • Glycol Cooling System
  • Hardening Tanks
  • High Speed Can Inspection
  • HTST Systems
  • HVAC/Evaporator Refrigeration Controls
  • Label Placement Inspection on Bottles
  • Raw Cream Tank Delivery
  • Tip Vats
  • Whey Processing
  • Nano UF Water Filtration
  • Packaging/ID Systems

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